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Geotechnical Engineering


Key points of service :


1. Site geotechnical investigation :

  • Preliminary works like site reconnaissance and collection of the necessary information (geological maps, surface topography, presence of watersources, optical inspection for a likely landslides, etc).
  • Boreholes' Drilling, borings and trial pits.
  • Soil sampling, in situ testing (SPT, permeability, etc.) underground water table monitoring (Piezometer installation), laboratory tests (soil classification, sieve analysis, compressibility, swelling, uniaxial, UUPP/CUPP/CDPP, etc).
  • Drawing up of the appraisal geotechnical report and the (where appropriate) detailed earth static calculations.


2. Geotechnical analysis, design and documentation for special earthworks :

  • Surface, pad, raft, strip foundations.
  • Stress paths (@ X | Y | Z  directions)
  • Ground slabs subjected to multiple loads, as well as to buoyancy water pressures / uplift forces.
  • Anchors and anchorages (passive and active).
  • Stability analysis (2D) of cuts, slopes, embankments, staged excavations (propped/unpropped).
  • Settlements (immediate and time dependent - consolodation - creep).
  • Earth retaining structures.
  • Soil improvement and compaction.
  • Liquefaction hazard analysis.
  • Tunnels.

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