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 Finite Element Analysis


Key points of service :


1. General finite element analysis based on a vast range of materials, various analysis's methods and combined types - shapes of finite elements (plane - quadrilateral, triangles and/or quadrangles, etc) : Member (1D) | Surface (2D)  |  Solid (3D). 


2. Meterials' models :

  • Isotropic linear elastic | non-linear elastic 1D/2D/3D | plastic 1D/2D/3D. (von Mises / Trasca / Drucker-Prager / Mohr-Coulomb).
  • Orthotropic elastic 2D/3D | plastic 2D/3D (Tsai-Wu).
  • Isotropic Masonry 2D.
  • Isotropic Damage 2D/3D.


3. Various types of loads and automatic load generators (for wind, snow, etc).


4. Generation of the result combinations' envelope from the assigned single load cases & combinations. Thorough considerations of the residual (plastic) stress/strains (load history) from a previous load cases/combinations.


5. Methods of computation and solver :

  • Geometrically linear, second order (P-Delta), large deformation, postcritical. Thorough consideration of the non-linearities and results' convergence.
  • Non-symmetric direct solver (if needed).
  • Direct or iterative method for the system of equations and many other options for the calculation parameters.


6. Methods for solving the system of the non-linear algebraic equations :

  • Newton-Raphson, Newton-Raphson combined with Picard, Picard, Newton-Raphson with constant stiffness matrix, modified Newton-Raphson, dynamic relaxation.


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