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"...Mr Alexandros Theodoridis is collaborating with our firm since 1998. From that year till now, we have professionally cooperated in several civil (structural and  geotechnical) engineering design projects...
...As an experienced Civil Engineer, and during the execution's duties of these projects, he fully showed professional and scientific adequacy, efficiency, adhesion and  team spirit. With his professional and personal competencies, merits and skills, he met and fulfilled all the necessary project's requirements, on time, precisely and in  detail...″

Athens,  November 2010, Albert Paul Y. - CNWAY Engineering Consultants LP


"...Mr Alexandros Theodoridis took an important role in the Projects of our Firm. He carried out and finished off, the  tasks and duties assigned to him independently, self-efficiently, always showing self-initiative, high commitment and responsibility, to our fullest contentment...
  ...He showed a high engagement and was always motivated, conscientious and reliable. Mr Theodoridis avails a very good theoretical background. In particular, his  mathematical  understanding and comprehension and his deep knowledge into mechanics area are enabling him to develop and program Software applications, independently and self-sufficiently...
...His quick conceptual understanding enables him to easily overwiew the difficult aspects within a project and thus to recognize the essence and tackle effectively any  difficulties may occur..."              

Munich,  December 2014,  Bernhard B. - Berk und Partner GmbH


"...Mr. Alexandros Theodoridis is a highly experienced engineer in his work, and he solves your hard issues on structural basis. He has full ability of using DLUBAL which is  very precious software in order to model structures, giving you detailed analysis reports and results. His impressive mobility provide mutual coordination at any time  and when you need.
Quick responsive, meticulous, work-oriented. My project was completed in a limited duration with clear models, drawings and reports. He is fully  aware with deep  knowledge on EC and structural issues, made my project to run easier. My very demanding project required to be carried out with only such engineering experience and  mediums.
Excellent, technical, scientific and CAD skills. Very  cooperative, responsive, supportive and perfectionist. Quick and overall conception of the project as a whole, and its  needs. Reliable and delivers even more than  agreed for the perfect completion of the project. I strongly recommend him  from simple, up to advanced civil engineering  projects. I am looking forward to working with  him again for next projects..."

 Instabul,  August 2016,  Omer-Engin-Denizci - OED Global


"...Herr Theodoridis identifizierte sich absolut mit seiner Aufgabe und zeigte stets eine ausgezeichnete Leistungsbereitschaft und Einsatzfreude. Er arbeitete sich aufgrund seiner sehr guten Auffassungsgabe schnell und erfolgreich in neue Problemstellung ein.
Herr Theodoridis verfügt über eine sehr umfassende Berufserfahrung und theoretischen Hintergrund. Er beherrschte sein ganzes Aufgabengebiet sicher und vollkomen. Alle Aufgabenstellungen erledigte er immer selbständig und mit äußerster Sorgfalt und größter Genauigkeit zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit.
Die Arbeitsweise vom Herr Theodoridis war jederzeit im höchsten Maße geprägt von Zuverlässigkeit, Systematik, Veranwortungs- und Kostenbewusstsein. Herr  Theodoridis lieferte stets eine weit überdurchshnitliche Arbeitsqualität. Die geleistete Arbeitsmenge lagen grundsätzlich sehr weit über meinen Erwartungen.
Seine Arbeit hat meine besondere Anerkennung getroffen. Er war für mich ein äußerst wertvoller Mitarbeiter..."

Frankfurt,  Januar 2014,  Dipl.-Ing P. Kostic - Tragwerksplaner & Beratender Ing. - IHK


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