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Software overview



1. Dlubal RFEM 8 / RSTAB 5

  • General structural engineering software for analysis and design, well known for its powerful capabilities and special options in Finite Element Analysis
  • Fully interactive (imports/exports) with various file formats from/to other software.  


          Available sub-modules :

  • Concrete modules :  EC2 for RFEM 5.xx,  RF-CONCRETE 5.xx,  RF-CONCRETE Columns 5.xx,  RF-CONCRETE NL 5.xx,  RF-CONCRETE Deflect 5.xx
  • Steel modules :  RF-STEEL EC3 5.xx,  RF-STEEL Surfaces 4.xx,  RF-STEEL Members 4.xx,  RF-STEEL Warping Torsion 5.xx
  • Stteel connections : RF-FRAME-JOINT Pro 5.xx, RF-END-PLATE 5.xx, RF-CONNECT 5.xx, RF-HSS 5.xx,  RF-JOINTS Steel - Column Base 5.xx,  RF-JOINTS Steel - DSTV 5.xx
  • Dynamic modules : RF-DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations 5.xx,  Forced Vibrations 5.xx,  Equivalent Loads 5.xx
  • Soil modules : RF-SOILIN 5.xx
  • Material & load history : RF-MAT NL 5.xx,  RF-LOAD-HISTORY 5.xx



 2. Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis (full package)

  • General purpose software package, worldwide known for its special capabilities in Finite Element Analysis as well as in the analysis/design of steel structures or any type of frame structures, according to many national codes worldwide.

  • Fully interactive (imports/exports) with various file formats from/to other software. 




  • Analysis & Design of earthquake resistant and reinforced concrete structures according to EC Standards.  General  overview.
  • 2 - way communication with SAP2000 & ETABS. Import and export in DWG and DXF file formats.
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Available sub-modules :  SCADA Pro Analysis, SCADA Pro Concrete, SCADA Pro Retrofit for Concrete (Pushover Analysis), SCADA PRO Masonry.



4. RAF

  • Innovative approach for the Analysis of 3D linear models (Response spectrum for new structures, pushover for existing ones), powerful for the design of RC building structures according to EC2, EC8-1, as well as for the Assessment/Retrofitting design of existing ones according to EC8-3 and KAN.EPE. Also capable for other than RC type of structures.  Overview
  • Interaction with other software concerning import file format : DXF (*dxf).
  • Interaction with other software concerning export file format : SAP 2000 (*.sap.xml) , Ruaumoko (*.rua.txt).



5. IDEA Statica Connections

  • Specialized in the design of steel connections of any type, using the CBFEM method, according to EC/AISC.
  • Import of data model from many structural analysis or structural detailing software packages via BIM (transformation of the connection’s setup as well as the acting loads on joint’s members due to any load combination already generated on them) : SAP 2000, Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis, SCIA Engineer, RFEM, AxisVM, ConSteel, Midas Civil+Gen and Tekla Structures, Advance Steel.



6. Runet 

  • A powerful tool for the design of individual RC, timber, masonry members or for a part of a structure, according to Eurocodes (EC2, EC8, EC5, EC6, EC7). Overview of  Beton Express, Fedra, FRAME 2D, WoodExpress



7. ARCHLine 

  • BIM - CAD Drawing Software



8.  3Muri

  • Specialized in Seismic Assessment/Retrofitting of existing Masonry buildings using PushOver analysis in combination with the use of special nonlinear macro-elements, according to EC8-3.  Overview
  • Interaction with other software concerning import file format : DXF (*dxf).
  • Interaction with other software concerning export file format : IFC (*.ifc) , AxisVM (*.ifc).



9. Teretron

  • Specialized in the design of Timber connections according to EC5.  (Overview)



10. APF Woodjoint

  • Woodjoint design according to the EC5.  (Overview)



11. Rocscience (Phase2 / Settle3D / Slide)

  • General Geotechnical Engineering software for (FE) Analysis of soil/rock models and design of earthworks.



12. GEO5 / Slope stability

  • Slope Stability Analysis for embankments, earth cuts, anchored retaining structures, MSE walls, etc.  (Overview)




  • Punching shear ckeck for slabs, single footings and ground slabs based on the specific products (dowels) of the company.



14. Other Autodesk products.

  • Autodesk Structural Detailing 2012.
  • Revit Structural 2012.
  • Autocad 2012



15. Next for Windows.

  • 2D/3D model generation, for structural analysis & antiseismic design for multi-material structures from concrete, steel and timber, based on EC2 / EC3 / EC5 / EC8



16. Special algorithms.

  • Programming (in VBA, Excel) of special algorithms for analysis, check and verification of special engineering problems.


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